ANIIBOL GROUP is a multi business conglomerate, with interests across diverse industry sectors in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Our group of companies include Anibol Consulting, Aniibol Training Institute, Aniibol Construction and Engineering, Aniibol Properties, Aniibol Agro-Allied Services, Aniibol IT Solutions, Aniibol Haulage and Logistics.


Advisory Skill
We are actively involved in advising organisations such as corporations, institutions and government bodies, on mergers and acquisitions and other transactions that involve a change in ownership of a company or business. Our transaction types include mergers, acquisitions, disposals, defences, spin-offs, demergers, joint ventures, privatisations, leveraged buyouts and many others.

Technical Skill
Our technical skills include good customer service which include responding to the customer’s immediate needs, at the same time the organisation is also involved in addressing customer problems by using the good technical techniques that allows customers to understand technical explanations of their different individual businesses. Our problem solving skills also helps us to resolve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity, and we try to achieve this by following the directions given by the customer.

Management Skill
Exemplary leadership and professionalism in the way by which we conduct our business activities, together with team-building in terms of the ways by which the organisation operates its activities internally. Our good and effective management skills helps us to maintain a worthwhile investment for the company, and at the same time increase the value of the management skills to the employee

Training Skill
Our training skills include coaching skill which helps in ensuring organisational growth and development, presentation and communication skills which helps us to communicate effectively with our clients. Our training skills forms the core competence of the organisation and at the same time serves as the core of apprenticeships and the same time provide the backbone of content to the business environment

Business Skill
The ability to cope with long hours and hard work, and the inner resources to deal with stress and risk-taking. They also include strategy-setting and the ability to build and manage a team. At the same time the organisation also possesses some other functional skills such as managing training and development of the organisation together with the motivating of its staff

Communication Skill
Helping business to communicate effectively with its stakeholders, and the organisation is able to achieve this through its expressive skills, listening skills and skills for managing the overall process of communication


The company was formed in 2008 and incorporated in 2012 by a group of dynamic fellows led by Dr. Ibukun Jegede as the Founder/Group CEO, who after conducting series of research, identified the need for companies to understand the importance of strategic management especially as it relates to information system development, with the aim of increasing organisational performance and remaining on the cutting edge in the 21st century’s ever changing business environment. The company expanded in 2014 with the aim of satisfying the need of people in the society. The following subsidiary was formed; Aniibol Training Institute, Aniibol Properties, Aniibol IT Solutions, Aniibol Haulage and Logistics, Aniibol Engineering and Constructions and Aniibol Agro-Allied Services.  Our team are well experienced professionals who are well diverse with many years of working experience. Our team has worked with established brands across the world



Our clients satisfaction means alot to our company. We strive hard to make sure we give our clients what they need. We strongly believe if our client is satisfied, we are successful.


We respect our client’s privacy and information. For no reason will we share any information to a third party.


We believe in saying the truth and giving our clients a good recommendation which will be beneficial to them on the long run. If we feel a strategy won’t work for our clients, we are bold enough to disagree and state why. We are not ready to put our client’s goals at stake.



Our friendly and patient staff cares for our clients; whether a small medium enterprise or an establish firm. We are ready to solve your problems and answer your questions


Our staff remain professional. We show respect to every culture because our integrity means alot to us.


Dr. Ibukun Jegede, Group Chief Executive Officer
Prof. Malcolm Prowle, Group Executive Director
Brian Parbutt, Group Finance Director

Bukola Odusina, Group Marketing Director
Dr. Festus Asikhia, Group Training Director 
Wale Ogunmola, Group Company Secretary

Without our clients, our work would have no meaning

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